No matter what stage of life you are in -- you need a will, a trust, a health care directive and a power of attorney. Let's talk about how we can ensure your voice guides your loved ones after you pass on.  


  • a revocable trust
  • a pour-over will
  • a general assignment of assets to the revocable trust
  • a financial power of attorney
  • a health care directive


The cornerstone of a estate plan will be a revocable trust that "holds" all of your property. A trust allows you to bypass the probate process at your death, saving your heirs time and money.   However, since a trust must be properly funded and maintained to be legally operative, a pour-over will is a safety device ensuring that all of your property will pass into the trust at the end of your life. A financial power of attorney appoints an agent to make important decisions in the event of your incapacitation or death. A health care directive gives direction as to end of life care, including specifics about when to continue or discontinue certain medical care.  

As a work-from-home attorney, I have the flexibility to discuss your estate planning wishes with you over your kitchen table. A basic estate plan is a flat fee of $500 -- giving you the peace of mind to discuss any issues that you may have. Contact me and we'll schedule a time that works for you and your spouse. 


Special Asset Protection Planning: Gun Trusts

If you are a gun owner, consider using a gun trust to protect your firearms and safely allow your family members to own and operate them as part of your legacy. Gun trusts, or NFA trusts, are the optimal arrangements for holding Class 3 items or Title II weapons like suppressors, SBSs or SBR. 

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